Another Hello from NZ

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Another Hello from NZ

Post by Concinnity » Mon Jun 13, 2016 11:05 am

Hi. Greetings from Napier NZ. I have two 800s. An 820E Mk1 manual Fastback and a just purchased 825 Sterling Mk1. The Sterling appears to have broken a cambelt within a few km of my purchase. It was apparently well overdue. I understand that these Honda CAV6 s are interference engines so I think I'm looking for another motor. I understand the CA 27 is a straight swap but I don't seem to be able to find either. The motors are so reliable that when the cars have been scrapped they are left in as there has been such little demand for them. Can anyone help me to find a good used motor? The car is very tidy and everything works other than the engine and I don't want to scrap it.

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Re: Another Hello from NZ

Post by dollysprint » Mon Jun 13, 2016 7:55 pm

Perhaps an early Honda Legend would be easier to find in New Zealand. I would think to ship a C25 or 27 from the UK would be expensive. Not that you could find a 2.5 here either, but a 2.7 would be a little easier.
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Re: Another Hello from NZ

Post by scoobyh123 » Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:23 am

You may be lucky and get away with fitting a new cam belt - i've known a cam belt jump and the engine survive on a Mk1 C27 so there's a reasonable chance.

Are there any coolant leaks at all? The worrying one would be from what would appear to be the crank pulley - it's not of course but is from the water pump above and is designed to leak when the bearings are on their way out. Shot water pump bearings have been known to throw the cam belt off so worth checking.

Also if you go down the route of fitting a new belt to "suck it and see", make sure you fit a new tensioner spring (XHM463) and inspect the tensioner for any signs of roughness while turning. You may find the spring is difficult to find but i understand the Legend spring is available from the USA under a Honda part number which i don't have i'm afraid.

If you can get a cam belt and try it then you may well find you've been lucky - if not then at least you have a new belt to fit to the replacement engine! Alternatively if any valves are broken/bent, it may be just one or two valves and although not cheap for new ones, still cheaper and easier than changing a complete engine.

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