Fuel tank flush/replacement

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Fuel tank flush/replacement

Post by Seyshellkenton » Sun Feb 05, 2017 8:40 pm

My Vitesse has a tank full of brown sludge after sitting for 9 yrs prior to my rescue. I wonder if anyone has successfully cleaned a tank and how? I could replace it but wouldn't know if replacement would be better unless from a recently running car. I also would need advice on how to replace it. Thanks in advance for any tips

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Re: Fuel tank flush/replacement

Post by scoobyh123 » Sun Feb 05, 2017 9:37 pm

First thing to do if you're cleaning the tank is to remove it. It's held in by two straps and some very long bolts with threads exposed to everything the road can throw at them. That means crawling underneath with a wire brush (a rotary one in a drill is good but space is limited) and plenty of WD40. Clean the threads up below the nuts (no need to clean above yet as firstly you can't get to it and secondly the nuts come off downwards) with the wire brush then drown the threads above and below the nuts with WD40.

Unless you're feeling extremely brave and/or lucky, that's about it for now. Lift the carpet in the boot and find the access panel for the sender/pump unit and douse the various fittings on that with WD40 and also going from the left hand side, douse the clips holding the various pipes from the filler neck onto the tank. Also inspect the upper area of the fuel filler neck - if there's brown sludge in the tank there's a fair chance the filler neck has corroded through.

Leave it a few days and douse the nuts on the long bolts with WD again.

A few days later, repeat.

Repeat above.

Now a few days later, see if the nuts will shift. You'll probably find you'll have to go backwards and forwards with them (loosen, tighten, squirt with WD then loosen again) until they are off. You'll need to support the tank with a plank of wood and a trolley jack before the nuts come completely off and also make sure the various connections through the access panel in the boot are loose and also whatever clips connecting the various hoses to the tank.

With all that loose you should be able to lower the tank gently down on the trolley jack.
Now you c an get it out from under the car and start inspecting it for leaks, general condition etc and drain the gunge off. Generally steam cleaning is the best way to clean it inside then dry it thoroughly. At this point it might be a good idea to use a tank sealant to protect the inside and also test the pump.

If the pump doesn't work you'll need one from either a Vitesse turbo or a 2.7 - none of the others give the necessary pressure and/or flow but i can't remember which way round the others are.

If all else fails, i know of the whereabouts of some good tanks and i think pumps too.

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