Star Radiators, Govan

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'Star Radiators, Govan, Glasgow.'

Post by BRG » Tue Mar 16, 2010 12:11 am


This firm fitted a new rad to my Vitesse, about a week after I bought it, in Oct. 07.

I thought of them because I spotted this new section straight after reading the comments regarding "working AC? Yeah right!"

First week I had this motor, 2 things I decided it needed sharpish were a new rad and the AC recharged. I sourced a new rad, but didn't fancy fitting it. Star Radiators quoted me a flat fee for fitting, which they quote over the phone, going by yer make & model. I think it was £50+VAT, around that. They said get it in by opening time (8am) and get it back by lunch.

Sweet, I thought. Sod grappling with this myself right now. Day before taking it to them, I went into KwikFit and got them to regas the AC. Came out of KwikFit with totally arctic AC. Sweeter still.

So, I take it to Star Rads. Come back at 1pm says the lad. We've done tons of these big Rovers, it's pretty straightforward.

I wander up Paisley Road West into a few shops, do the pub lunch thing, go back 1pm. Straight away I see my car inside, on the hoist, the front bumper's off. The old rad's still hanging in there. The intercooler and the AC rad are at all sorts of precarious angles. The lad's at the front desk, obviously uptight.
"Hit a few wee snags" says he. "Nothing wants to let go. Cutting off hose clips and that kind of thing. Give us another hour maybe?"

Back up PRW. More idle browsing. Back about 2pm. Sat in their waiting room till gone 4pm. By this time they've been grappling with the front of the car for 7 hours+. And he could still only charge me his quote of 50 quid!!!
"Not be effing quoting that again", he quipped, teeth clenched.

Long and the short: Total fair play & max kudos, all that, to Star Rads (Govan). He could have insisted I pay him for all his labour, but kept his word with his quote for the job. Great lads. Not maybe so keen on me now, but great lads.

Anyhoooo. Drives home. All's OK, except....Oh no! The AC's not cold anymore!

Ponder this a bit. Figure that during their epic struggle, Star Rads have somehow unwittingly emptied all my nice new refrigerant out.

Damn, I thought. That'll be it exactly! I can't very well demand KwikFit recharge it again when I'm kinda indirectly responsible for this.....

Sod it, I've no option. Back to KwikFit, pay another £45 for yet another regassing. Funny, no one at KwikFit asked why I was back, inside 4 days, for another AC charge. Their computer must have spotted my reg number. Never mind, I thought. What's done is done and had to be done.

Even paying £90 in total for the AC, I still reckoned I'd dodged a bullet getting the rad in for only £50, given how horrendous a task it seemed to have presented.

Next day, boosh, AC's gone again. It's leaking it. Of course it is. The rad guys didn't accidentally empty it at all. It's effing LEAKING. The 2 printouts I still have of KwikFit's recharging incorporate an initial leak test and both show 'No Leak Found'. Yet leak she do.

Gutted. That was all in late 2007. Now entering the 2nd Spring/Summer of my swearing to get my AC sorted for good an' all, but we shall see, O my brothers. I bet I don't.

Anyroad: Most definitely positive feedback and nothing but my absolute recommendation to anyone in SW Scotland of Star Radiators. They're right behind the Broomloan Road end of Ibrox Park, so do take care in case any of the evil seeps out as you go there. But they're a sound outfit who do exactly what it says on the tin.

KwikFit, however, are sinners, and bound for the fire.

You all knew that, though.

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Post by Richard C » Tue Mar 16, 2010 10:09 am

Govan, Isn't that where the Rangers ground is?

I installed some printers into the Asda there. circa 2006


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Post by BRG » Sat Mar 20, 2010 8:33 pm

Yup, directly behind Ibrox Park (Rangers FC), Rich.

The Asda is quite well known there. It's the biggest in Scotland or some such superlative.....

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Post by schuwolf » Sat Mar 20, 2010 8:47 pm

Kwikfit......oooh dear :?

Asda.....fine :lol:
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Post by BRG » Sat Mar 20, 2010 11:08 pm


Since this is a 'company feedback' bit, this has worked out OK. We've established that Asda are great and KwikFit are shite.

It's maybe a bit unfair just how many times KWIK FIT (and their CRAPness) have been mentioned. I'm sure KWIK FIT aren't the only CRAP tyre & exhaust retailer. I'm sure many of KWIK FIT's rival companies are CRAP, too. :D

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Post by MikeMedford » Sat Mar 20, 2010 11:22 pm

BRG wrote:Since this is a 'company feedback' bit, this has worked out OK. We've established that Asda are great and KwikFit are shite.
I found Asda wouldn't even quote me for tyre fitting or exhaust repairs though :lol:

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Post by BRG » Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:00 am

Hey, you don't even WANT to know how bad KwikFit's own brand cheese spread tastes.......

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